Using Social Media to get a job

Social media is an ever increasing force in recruitment, with more and more businesses using it to find, attract and sometimes assess candidates.

Whether you like it or not, your use of social media (or lack of use) could affect your job search.

  • THE GOOD: 68% of employers have hired a candidate because of their use of social media.*
  • THE BAD: 69% of employers have rejected a candidate because of their use of social media.*
  • THE UGLY: Drunken photos on Facebook. Just don’t do it. Ever.

What can I do on social media to increase my chances of getting a job?

1. Privacy settings
If you’ve got a private Facebook account and want it to stay that way, make sure you keep on top of updated settings. Things you thought only your friends could see may well be visible now. Similarly, if you use Twitter to chat to your friends and don’t want people to see, protect your account.
2. Get on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the first place most companies look on social media when hiring. It’s no longer just about networking: treat LinkedIn as your online CV.
3. Use keywords
Make sure your social media profiles mention your profession, specialism, qualification and location that employers may search for, e.g. trainee social worker in Sheffield.

4. Keep up to date on Twitter
Follow people or businesses in your sector or specialism for the latest news, and follow the company itself if you’ve got an interview lined up. Employers will be impressed that you’ve got a keen interest in the industry. Just don’t do it on a Twitter feed where you’re publicly tweeting about how much you hate your boss.

5. Show your interest on Pinterest
Pinterest is lining up to be a massive influence this year. You can create virtual pinboards of the topics that interest you. It’s a great way for people to get an instant impression of you as a person, and recruiters are bound to be using it soon.

6. Watch out for Google+
You may not use Google+ now, but you may still have a profile and, just like Facebook, there could be images attached to that profile. People’s profiles now also display in reviews on Google Maps. It’s worth typing your name into Google from time to time to see what comes up – and take appropriate action!