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Mobile App Design for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone user interface (based on Microsoft’s Metro design language) draws upon the visual language of airport and metro system signage in its design and typeface. It’s ideals of a clear, straightforward design not only makes an application legible, it also encourages usage and can lead to delight. The Metro Design was developed using five following principles:

  • Clean, light, open, and fast: distinctive usage of whitespace and topography to enhance the product
  • Content, not chrome: more of what interests you rather than borders, buttons and gizmos
  • Integrated hardware and software: Hardware and software working in unison to create a seamless user interface
  • World-class motion: Multi-Touch and gesture experiences on phone screens are consistent with Windows on the desktop. Hardware assisted animations produce smooth and responsive user experiences
  • Soulful and alive: Automatically updating with relevant content and bringing to life a cinematic photo and video experience

These principles are designed to engage users by promoting navigation, exploration, and utilising the exciting visuals elements. The recent selection by Nokia of the Windows Phone OS as the operating system of choice for their new handsets is likely to make an impact on both the Apple iOS and Google Android system alternatives and the new HTC 8X.

We make your Windows Phone App Beautiful

Taking the above factors into consideration we design your app to create a more consistent and fluid overall UI experience for users. Usability and design are the primary goal of app design and every Windows Phone app is designed with this at the forefront of our mind. Our designers will discuss the issues and constraints with you before developing use cases and wire frames. These become page mock-ups and we demonstrate how the design interacts with the inbuilt themes system so that you are happy with the final flow and design prior to any code being developed.

Building the App

The detailed mock-ups are used by our developers who transform the screen design into the actual user interface elements such as buttons and icons and link these to the actual code that will bring the app to life.


Windows Phone has the most unique user interface (UI) in the smartphone arena and Microsoft’s penetration in the corporate environment have led to excellent integration with Exchange and the powerful Office Mobile Suite.

Our experience with Microsoft development and skills in producing good looking user interfaces can allow us to develop a stylish and compliant Windows Phone app for your business.

Our Windows Phone App Development Process

Once you’ve approved the app design mock-ups, the user interface is built, generating the XAML code that forms the basis of the app using design templates that ensure that the app fits the Metro design philosophy.

Application code is then generated to fulfill the business requirements, perform the inter-page navigation & screen flow and communicate with outside processes or internal databases as needed. Careful consideration is made during this phase to successfully separate the UI components and logic to ensure an easy upgrade path in the future or make any potential port to alternative platforms such as Android or iPhone easier.

App Testing

In-house development testing is performed on the simulator initially and then on reference target hardware to ensure compatibility and a stable responsive product.

Following your approval the package, application icons and application artworks are submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace for certification testing and insertion into the Marketplace.


Once the app has been built, we take a video capture to show you how it works. Depending on the complexity of the app, we may send you a version of the app that you can run on your own Windows Phone. Once you’re happy and you’ve given your approval, we can begin the submission process.

App Submission

As soon as we have your approval we take care of the entire application submission process (such as validating the installation package, creating icons, app tile image etc). This process takes about 5 days and Ebsol will manage this end-to-end.

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