IOS Apps

Our 6 step app build process ensures your iPhone App satisfies your requirements and design goals.

Initial discussions

Our initial discussions cover what the app will do. We consider any design influences you may have, such as corporate branding, what iOS devices you’d like supported (iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 & iPod Touch) and what operational variations may be required for each device. We discuss any business rules that may be relevant as well as possible requirements for in app purchases & iAds.
We then formalise these ideas into a project brief and submit this to you for your approval.

How the app will work

Our next step is to develop a set of steps that describe how the app will work, who will use it and how they will use it.

Using this information we look at the flow of data & how the app screens flow together. This is based on our knowledge of standard iPhone user interface elements and interactions and allows a product design and interaction method that is fit for purpose and will be easy to use and adhere to the iPhone user interface guidelines.


We design a basic wire frame layout, then once you are happy with the flow and basic on screen elements we turn it into a detailed set of UI layouts that give you early visibility of how the app will look and work. These detailed mock-ups are then used to build the actual app.


The detailed mock-ups are used by our iPhone developers who transform the screen design into the actual user interface elements such as buttons and icons and link these to the actual iOS code that will bring the app to life.


Our iPhone app development team will take your ideas and turn them into reality with a stable and upgradeable app that will not fall foul of the complex (and sometimes unwritten) rules of the App Store submission process. Using the Apple iOS developer and user interface guidelines we will produce a beautiful, functional app that will add value to your business.

Our Build Process

Our extensive library of components for business logic, database access and storage, textual updates and notification via web services helps keep development costs down and quality up as we use existing tested code to help give you the functionality you need. Once the initial build is done our app developers gradually refine the app to ensure that the UI and design is as good as it can be and works with your selected iOS versions.



Once the app has been built, we take a video capture to show you how it works.  Depending on the complexity of the app, we may send you a version of the app that you can run on your own iPhone.  Once you’re happy and you’ve given your approval, we can begin the App Store submission process.

iPhone App Submission

As soon as we have your approval we take care of the entire application submission process, from creating App Store icons, screenshots, age ratings, app categories and descriptive text and the subsequent management relating to the App Store submission itself. This process takes about 1-2 weeks and Ebsol will manage this process end-to-end.

Get a Quote

If you’d like a quote, send us details of what you want your app to do & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.