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Android App Design for Phones & Tablets

The open source Android operating system that runs on many mobile phones, netbooks and tablet devices and has been used since September 2008. Just two years after it’s launch the Android operating system was the world’s best-selling smartphone platform. This rapid growth in market penetration coupled with the more open nature of the architecture and potential hardware can cause some design issues due to the sheer variation of handsets compared to Apple or Windows Phone.

Working from the User Interface Guidelines we can design and develop apps that can function over the widest possible range of available hardware on the Android platform.

Initial discussions

Our initial discussions cover what the app will do, which Android versions to target and any design influences you have. From these discussions we look at how the app could work and how users will interact with the app.


We then produce wireframe mock-ups that are passed back to you for feedback. These wireframes are then transformed into a storyboard of screen mock-ups to demonstrate the app’s screens and the flow between them.


Once you are happy with the storyboard we then start to build the app. Our Android app developers convert the screen designs into a working app, adding the code to “glue” the application together and make it functional.

Android Development Process

Once you have approved our designs and mock-ups our app developers use a tool to create the initial UI element layouts as XML (rather like creating XAML for Windows Phone). Icons and user interface (UI) elements are created in Photoshop for each screen to complement the application and fit with the Android development and style guides. This is then transferred into our development environment where our developers create page flows and the user interaction code that glues the application together and brings it to life.

An iterative development process adds small pieces of functionality one step at a time. We test at every stage of this iterative cycle, via the built in Android simulator that mimics different hardware platforms. Once the app is functionally complete a we visually review it to ensure consistency across the entire application. The app is then tested on real target hardware and submitted to the Android marketplace for approval.

Approval & Submission to Google Play

Once the app has been built, we take a video capture to show you how it works. Depending on the complexity of the app, we may send you a version of the app that you can run on your own Android device. Once you’re happy and you’ve given your approval, we can begin the app submission process.

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If you’d like a quote, send us details of what you want your app to do & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.