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Looking for a new job? Welcome to our Training area with resources to help you pursue the next step in your career, whether it be writing your CV or that all important interview.


Finding your feet

What type of job do you want?

Looking for a job in a specific area or field? Here’s a brief overview of how our site works and how to find what you’re looking for fast. Using our site Are you ready for a long term relationship with your job? Take a look at the benefits of different jobs you can look for and decide which is right for you. What type of job?

Interview tips

CV tips

The interview process starts before you even set foot in the room. So, how do you get started and, more importantly, survive until the very end? Read our interview tips The traditional CV is still the first thing most companies will see of you. Read our tips on how to make a good impression instantly and stand out from the crowd. How to write a great CV

How to use social media in your job hunt

Our social media hub

Recruiters these days are using social media to find, attract and sometimes even assess candidates. Here’s how to make the most of it and not damage your chances. Using social media in your job hunt Social media is the new way for companies to communicate. Our social hub brings everything in Ebsol together in one place: jobs, news & events.Like our facebook Page to get regular updates on jobs and others..